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blessing bags

About two years ago, I began a practice of creating small bags full of practical items to hand out to the homeless I often meet. I DETEST the idea of driving past without a kind word or something to share. I have given food I had in the car, or even purchased something to come back and share. I am frustrated when I have nothing to give. NO MATTER what is going on in my day, I am pretty sure that my day is going much better than those who have no home.

A few times now, friends and strangers have gathered in my studio, each bringing something to the table. food, drinks, bandaids, soaps, whatever!  Each time it has been a wonderful experience. Each time I am in awe of the kindness that lives in people’s hearts.

Tonight, I once again witnessed the generosity of souls. Several people donated items to me before tonight’s event, those who attended were incredibly generous AND spent time making “love notes” for the homeless bags, then  took time to bag separately toiletries ( as to not make the snacks taste icky) and then create a bag full of good things, socks, toothbrushes, chapstick, washcloths, granola bars, snack foods, juice boxes and more. I saw women who did not know each other share their time to create these bags for people they have not yet met. They did so joyfully and with generosity.

When you worry that people are broken and cannot show love without hope of something in return, I invite you to attend one of these events- You will know unselfishness. You will see beauty.

Unfortunately there seems to always be those in need- so we will have another event soon.

Wishing you peace-


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Photo Credit- Tonia Capone

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