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The art of Mandala

Mandala has been a love of mine for decades now. I can still remember how I felt the first time I created one, might I add, completely by accident. For me, it is a spiritual gift that is an active prayer.

In June, I have invited a friend to join me in an exhibition of Mandalas. My friend, Stefani Tadio creates them with paper and thread, so exactly and perfect- incredibly beautiful! Mine will be mixed media, some painted, some inked and well, you will just have to come and see what else might be in store for you.

I do however want to share some of my excitement over this month. I would like to invite you to come create a mandala in the tradition of the Tibetan monks. Bring your intentions and create with beautiful colors in sand, your active prayer. I will walk you through each step. We will create together and you will give honor with each grain of sand you lay down to your intentions.

I honestly cannot wait. 

Please reserve your spot today- I will see you soon-

with great big love –


Mandala Invitation June

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