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taking a moment

I am taking this moment to pause. reflect AND share. I am a mere FIVE DAYS away from something I have worked hard for, but not just me… my artists and my family (chosen and otherwise) have worked hard too.A Pop-UP! An awesome pop-up- trust me, this is not your average Pop-up!
Create Art 4 Good began as a pop-up! My business plan was sort of the traveling gallery of art, I ‘d go where I was invited. Conference rooms, homes, anywhere I could set up some art to share.
Saturday the 30th, will be the ULTIMATE Pop-up 9 artists (and me) will share a little of our hearts and our work with you. I-Square has graciously supported this effort.
I AM READY- to share a building full of incredible artists, to share our art and to share that art belongs everywhere (and doesn’t have to match your sofa.
This is a dream!
As an artist myself, when an opportunity “pops” up (please forgive the pun) you listen to the universe! The owners of I-Square were gracious in supporting this silly idea, and on Saturday- the idea will bloom.
Ten artists- 250 swag bags, art opportunities for children…. along with the fall festival – does it possibly get any better? I think not.
All we need is YOU- come visit, won’t you? Buy art, talk with the artists, listen to their process- you will be impressed. I know you will!
See you soon!
with love, 
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