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I am still basking in the glow of a really powerful experience. The Art Market Pop-up began as an idea and then quickly bloomed into an event where over four hundred fifty people attended. There was laughter, there were purchases made of fine art, and there was certainly a connection. 

What astounded me the most was the simple joy that seemed to blossom from this event. So many people participated in one way or another, and it all worked out. 

My fears over the weather were quieted by the most amazing rainbow blooming over the building as my sister and I decorated the outside of the building. Every doubt or concern seemed to quickly have a quick resolution.

While I am exhausted, I feel empowered. Something changed in me this weekend. 

It isn’t billboard worthy, but it is certainly something to be grateful for. 

And… I am. 

blessings and great big love, 


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