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The 30 day creative challenge

So they say that anything you do can become a habit if you are consistent for twenty-one days. This thought along with my firm idea that everyone is an artist has brought me to the following idea. 

It’s spring, darn it. It is time for new life and color and wonder! 

My theory on art:

  1. EVERYONE (yes even you) is an artist. You might not paint with oil, you might not create twenty-foot murals, but YOU, my friend, ARE an artist. 
  2. Art is good- FOR EVERYONE- it is, I promise. You just have to let down your walls, forget the idea of what you currently perceive to be as perfect and breathe

SO- that said (of course you believe me, right?) I challenge you. To take some time for you, to be creative, for every single one of the thirty days in April.

FIRST, promise me you will do this, (for a minimum of 15 minutes every single day), please?!  If the theory of practice makes perfect rings true for you, I want you to understand that this isn’t just a doodle challenge. This is an invitation to bloom just a little bit this spring. This is an invitation to take a break from electronics, business, busyness and breathe. It is self-care, it is soul care and it is beautiful. That said, it is not going to be anything more than what YOU are willing to put into it. 

If you agree to this- I promise this will be fun, inspiring and make a mark on your spring. If you do this,  you will see that taking a moment (or at least 15) aligns your day in a totally new way. IF YOU DO THIS, you will have something new to discuss with friends, family, and coworkers and maybe inspire THEM to be creative!

See? it could be like a revolution! A Creative revolution! See the difference you have already made? We haven’t even started yet! 

So why am I doing this?

I honestly believe art makes a difference in (EVERYONE’s) life. This world can be filled with such negativity, with such incredible pain. I want to inspire beauty, light, hope. I, too want to concentrate on new life, creativity and centering my spirit. I have chosen the month of April because there are many new challenges in my life and I can think of nothing more wonderful than to celebrate with art. 

Why should you do it? 

  1. Because it’s FUN, darn it!
  2. Because taking a break from all those screens actually has health benefits
  3. Because, speaking of health benefits, the creation of art actually has some too!
  4. Because, as risks go, this isn’t too scary. Come on…. you know you want to!

SO, Join me! Let’s journey together and create something wonderful, grow a little and BLOOM! 

sign up here: The Thirty Day Creative Challenge

I hope you take some time to grow and bloom. This promises to be wonderful!

blessings & great big love to you, 


sign up today!

11 thoughts on “The 30 day creative challenge

  1. I’d love to sign up but I’m afraid the form is closed now.

    1. Juliet, I have added you to the list, I will send you a catch-up email soon.

      1. THANK YOU! <3

        1. You are so welcome!I look forward to seeing your work!

  2. Just saw this event. I wanted to sign up but your submission form is closed.

    1. Hi Jerrina,
      The sign-up ended in March, we are nearly two weeks in, but if you want I can give you the link to catch up. You can see the webpage and the challenge from the beginning.
      Please just send me an email,


      1. I would love that, Thank you.

  3. Is this closed now?
    Is there a kick off event or is this email only?

    1. Cindy, the challenge began April 1st. I can connect you to it if you like.
      Because the participants are literally all over the world, there (at this time) will be no physical event.
      We do have a facebook page that some choose to share their work on.
      Email me ( if you would like to participate!
      Thank you! Blessings, Susan

  4. I’d love to work thru ur 30days of creative as I’ve only just found ur webpage & FB tonight. I’m in Australia otherwise if I was local I’d come along to some in person classes too.. love what ur doing & I’ve just started currently trying to use art to lift my mood & help me deal with my mum’s be cancer diagnosis & her passing only 41days later on jan 11 this year, that I’m struggling with presently? I’d appreciate if u could send me the info or activities etc so I can try doing to 30days creative please ?
    Thanks so much

    1. Fiona,
      First, my deepest sympathy to you. The loss of your mother marks our hearts so deeply. I hope you find peace soon. It is horribly difficult, I understand.
      I will absolutely keep you informed of activities and inspirations! Currently, I am in the studio creating mini-courses that can be viewed anywhere! I am excited about this next step.
      If you wish, I will add you to the 30-day Creative challenge group on Facebook! good people there, who have really taken my creative challenges to heart!
      Blessings to you, Fiona, Susan

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