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Marketing Monday

It is part of my mission to support art and artists. One of the ways I try to support artists is to hold a monthly meeting called,”Marketing Monday. First, let me confess that I am not an expert in Marketing. I do have a passion for it. But I by no means have all the answers. I just want to succeed, I want others to succeed and I think we can do that together. 

 One of the reasons I began this group was because I truly believe that if we each live our fingerprint, the path we are meant to walk, we cannot help but to be successful. I also believe that we each have expertise that is valuable to fellow business person and it seems to make sense to share. 

Marketing Monday has been a well-attended meeting for several years now. We even had a retreat in January. This year, I asked attendees to carefully consider and write down their goals. It seems to me that we cannot work towards goals if we don’t even remember what they are. After doing so, they entrusted their information to me. Toward that success, I just sent an email to those who shared their goals with me. I reminded them of what their goals were in January and asked them to check in on their own success. 

My point is this. Most of us make goals, January should almost be renamed as “goal month” (or resolutions). Take a moment to take stock of your progress this year. How are you doing? What goals have you met? How can you reach a little higher? How can you attain what you really want? Do you need to revisit these goals? Maybe your expectations were too high, too low or not furthering your own personal mission.


Whatever your progress – I pray I hope you celebrate it. Whatever needs doing still, I hope you find a way to get your path secured, your feet on the ground and ready to take on the world. 


Get going on those dreams! 


with great big love, 


2 thoughts on “Marketing Monday

  1. I appreciated receiving your email on my goals! I glanced and will delve into them shortly. I had an epiphany this past weekend I’ve been wanting to talk to you about anyway, in terms of finding my customers. (Mysterious enough!?) Talk later, friend – great post!

    1. You are a mystery woman! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts-
      Thank you!

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