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Opening in May

I met Nancy Radzik almost five years ago. She wandered into my studio and introduced herself. Nancy owned a gallery in Fairport at that time. We had the most lovely discussion. Nancy was a fireball of energy and but her demeanor a combination of refinement and completely down to heart. She has a way about her that makes you want to join forces!  I knew it I was collaborating on an exhibit with her.

Nancy is such a complex woman. She has so many layers, so many thoughts, so many ideas swirling around her. Our exhibit was a wonderful one. It was a benefit to each of us, the artists we represented and the charity we supported.What could possibly be better? Since then I am happy to say that Nancy has been an amazing support of Create Art 4 Good as well as me personally. She often steps up to my calls for art and in May, she will have her own one woman show. 

“dwellings…… remnant memories….. ” is an exhibit that will inspire deep thought and perhaps bring a memory to the top. Nancy has this to say about her exhibit:

“my collage/assemblage art pieces are meant as homage

to all the arts – poetry, music and literature – in that

I am dealing with quotes that I feel are significant

and worthy of remembering.


as a person who feels strongly about the importance

of recycling, my medium of choice is the found object

and reclaimed wood owning remnants of past lives.

incorporating fragments of wood, natural elements

and photos — blending the sacred, the everyday and

the humorous into imagined environs.


to borrow a quote from the artist, Asher Durand,

“the artist….will have seen more than the mere matter

of fact, but no more than is there and that another

may see if it is pointed out to him.”


I hope my work will point out something worth

remembering for the viewer.”

                                thanks for observing……. nancy radzik

I hope you join us May the 4th for Nancy’s opening. The exhibit will be up for the entire month of May- please make an appointment if one of the gallery times does not work in your schedule. 

Thanks for listening, 


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  1. I’ll be there in spirit for the opening. Nancy is great – so happy you two connected. Break a leg.

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